JNA Construction

We are dedicated to performing high quality work while making the process comfortable, minimizing on-site disruption and keeping the lines of communication open.

Simply put: We love to see you smile!

When choosing a contractor to work on your home, remember that a low cost up front may mean problems down the line. Our work often costs a little more, but when your renovation is still standing strong years later, you’ll know where the money went. We promise knowledge, responsibility, and accountability for every project. Local ownership means that we’re more familiar with the local vendors, city ordinances, permitting processes, and more. You can rest easy knowing that the work on your home will be completed correctly every time.

Owner: James Wright
James was born into a construction family and has been in the industry literally all of his life. He began working with his father at a very early age giving him over 30 years experience. He founded JNA Construction in November of 1997. His background gives him a unique perspective and commanding knowledge of the construction industry. James supervises all phases of the construction and even straps on his bags to work with the crews when needed. James Wright is the driving force behind JNA Construction!

Certifications and Awards
NARI Contractor of the Year Residential Kitchen Under $40k
NARI Contractor of the Year Residential Interior Specialty
NARI Contractor of the Year Best in Tour
NARI General Contractor of the Year