How To Have A Successful Remodeling Project

What Homeowners Should Know and Do to Ensure They Have a Successful Remodeling Project!

  1. Selecting the right contractor is the most important decision you will make.   You need a contractor that is experienced, professional and complies with the legal requirements for the remodeling industry.
  2. How much do you want to invest financially?   Is it realistic?  Have you prioritized what the most important aspects of the project are?
  3. Is a Building Permit required on your project?  Is there a Homeowners’ Association plan review required?
  4. Do you have plans, ideas, or pictures of what you want?  Magazines and the Internet provide a wealth of information.
  5. Invest time on the front end.  Do the leg work regarding selecting plumbing and electrical fixtures, floor treatments, moldings, paint colors, cabinet styles, appliances, etc.   Find out if there are special order items and how long it would take to get them.  This will minimize delays.  Remodeling is a very time sensitive endeavor.
  6. Make sure your contract has everything in writing, including your selections, start and completion dates
  7. Require your contractor to have a preconstruction meeting so all participants are clear on the objective of the project.  Address the logistics of the project:  work hours, storage of materials, job commode location, jobsite dumpster location, safety issues, pets, and children.
  8. Be clear about your expectations such as “I want my house to remain clean throughout the project.”  Or “I need to have the project completed by Thanksgiving.”
  9. Be proactive – ask questions.
  10. Communication is paramount.  Set up a time every week to meet and walk through the project with the Project Manager to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Remodeling is an emotional and sometimes stressful process and requires flexibility on the part of everyone involved.  Your choice of Contractor should be weighed as carefully as your selection of your family doctor, attorney, or accountant.