Design Process

Design & Build Process
Design-build is an integrated process of design and construction from concept to finished product. Click on the steps below to see a detailed explanation of the process.

Step 1. Phone Call
To begin your remodeling experience you place the call to JNA at (512) 266-2046 or fill out our contact form and we’ll call you back.

During our conversation we will answer your general questions regarding:
The type of projects our company prefers
How we operate our business
The services we provide
Our current availability
Get a brief description of the work you want to have performed
Schedule a time for a site visit


Step 2. Site Visit
The first visit and consultation is offered to you at no charge. The best way for you to prepare for this meeting is to reflect on what lifestyle and aesthetic issues you are seeking to resolve with your project. Are there particular problems, no matter how small they may seem, that you seek to solve through remodeling? Make your “dreams to be fulfilled” list and be ready to discuss your project goals. Spend some time thinking about how much you are willing and capable of investing in your project financially and be ready to share that information. At the end of our meeting when we have a general understanding of the project goals, we will give you an approximate cost range for your project.

Most projects will require some type of professional drawing or construction plans. If you already have your drawings, we will be happy to give you a bid from that drawing. If you don’t have drawings, No Problem! We provide personalized design services. To take advantage of our design services you will be asked to sign a Design Contract.


Step 3. Design
Our design team consists of a residential building designer, an architect, an interior designer, kitchen/bath designer and an engineerWe will produce a set of scaled as-built drawings of the area to be remodeled. Once these drawings are complete, we can start on the plans for your remodeling project. We will produce demolition plans, construction plans, interior and exterior elevations, door and window schedules, etc. This process continues until you are happy with the results. Upon completion, these documents belong to you. Upon signing a construction contract with JNA the cost of the drawings is applied to the cost of the project. Now we can move on to the bid.


Step 4. Bid
To obtain an itemized bid, the design must be completed and all selections must be made. Our projects are bid in one of two ways. We will give you a Fixed Price bid or a Cost Plus bid.
A Fixed Price Bid gives you the cost of doing the project, as drawn. A Cost Plus Bid is a little different. We will give you an estimated bid to start. Once the building process begins you will receive weekly requests for payment for the actual cost incurred for the week (supported by documentation such as receipts and timesheets) plus a fee for supervision and administration. Are you ready to begin? Let’s sign a construction contract.


Step 5. Contract
The construction contract spells out in plain English

What we are going to do
How much it will cost
Payment terms
Your responsibilities
When we will start
Projected date of completion
The project specifications
Our warranty and disclosure statements required by the State of Texas

Let’s get started!!!


Step 6. Construction
Now the real fun begins! We start by removing the old to make way for the new. During this phase, we will be coordinating the purchase and delivery of materials with the scheduling of our trade contractors. It is our job to make this process as smooth and painless as possible. We will be talking with you on a regular basis to answer any questions or concerns you may have and to keep you up to speed on the progress of the work.
We take great pride in the efforts we put forth to protect your home and belongings during this time. Our team of professionals has the same commitment. We also warranty all of our work.


Step 7. Warranty
Our warranty exceeds what many remodelers provide. We offer a 2 year workmanship warranty instead of the 1 year required. For emergency warranty work, we send someone to inspect within 24 hours or sooner if possible and schedule the work on an ASAP priority basis.

If at any time you find a problem with something that we did or provided, please contact us. We will be happy to come out and inspect the problem and in some cases we may fix construction-related problems at no charge, even for items no longer covered by warranty. We value your complete satisfaction.